MODMO eBikes are classified as CLASS 1 electric bikes in North America. What does that mean?

Class 1 eBikes are pedal assist with no throttle, meaning that if you're not pedalling, then there is no assist from the electric motor.  Class 1 eBikes are typically permitted on all public bike trails.

Canadian electric bike regulations limit the motor to maximum 500W and 32kph maximum motor assist.

The Modmo Saigon SB and the Modmo Saigon + both have a powerful 250W motor and are both set to not exceed 32kph in motor assist.  You can pedal unassisted faster than 32kph but the motor will stop assisting you past 32kph.

Our eBike specifications follow the rules and designations of Class 1 electric bikes in Canada.

Electric bicycles are classified as follows:

Class 1

  • Max continuous motor wattage - 500W
  • Max speed before motor cutoff - 32 kph
  • Motor actuated method - Pedal assist only (No throttle)

Class 2

  • Max continuous motor wattage - 500W
  • Max speed before motor cutoff - 32 kph
  • Motor actuated method - Pedal assist and/or throttle actuated

Class 3

  • Max continuous motor wattage - 500W
  • Max speed before motor cutoff - 45 kph
  • Motor actuated method - Pedal assist and/or throttle actuated

The advantage of Class 1 eBikes are that they do not have the same restrictions as Class 2 & 3 eBikes.  eBike regulations vary from province to province and municipality to municipality.  As eBikes are becoming more popular in North America, many municipalities are implementing restrictions on Class 2 & 3 eBikes.  

As Modmo Canada begins our roll out in the Greater Vancouver Area, the Sea to Sky region and BC, we'll touch on a few of the local regulations.  

In the municipality of Whistler, Class 1 eBikes are allowed on the Valley Trail and any off-road trails with a few exceptions.  Class 2 & 3 eBikes are not permitted on any of Whistler's trails.

In BC ParksClass 1 eBikes are allowed where cycling and mountain biking is already permitted, unless signage indicates that trail is closed to all e-bike access.  Class 2 & 3 eBikes are only allowed where motorized use is currently permitted, such as park roadways and off road vehicle areas.  In some parks, class 2 e-bikes are also allowed on active transportation designated trails, which are commuter pathways linking communities together like some sections of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail. Refer to the specific park webpage for information about permitted e-bike usage. Since BC Parks regulates Class 2 and 3 eBikes as motorized vehicles, they can only ride on trails designated for motor vehicles. Riders who fail to comply could face fines up to $575.

Always be sure that you check your local and regional regulations before purchasing an eBike.  

With your MODMO eBike, you will have the peace of mind and freedom to enjoy your bike on the vast network of urban commuter paths and public bicycle trails throughout Canada.

Where to buy your MODMO ebike?

To purchase your own Saigon+ or Saigon SB please check out our product pages.