How To: adjust the kickstand

Once you have received your MODMO ebike you may want to adjust the kickstand. You can choose to do so from below, or you can choose to flip the bike upside down, making it easier to access the mounting point.

NOTE: Be sure to place your bike on a soft surface while you do so to avoid scratching it.

What you will need:

  • The M6 allen key on the tool that came with your ebike
  • The M4 allen key on the same tool

Adjust the angle

Check the angle of the frame when it leans on the kickstand. You may have to adjust the length of your kickstand for the bike to stand up properly - not too straight or too low - when it is parked.

To do this:

  1. Loosen the 3mm bolt on the backside of the kickstand with an M4 allen key. Make sure you don't fully remove the screw as it may fall into the tube and be difficult to retrieve
  2. When it’s loose, slide the foot of the kickstand in or out to get the right angle, tightening the screw again to lock the foot into place

Remove or install the kickstand

All the Saigon bikes have a mounting point in the centre of the frame as a standard. There is just a single screw to wind in to install the kickstand.

  • To remove the kickstand: Undo the screw that attaches the kickstand to your ebike by turning it anticlockwise
  • To install the kickstand: Place the kickstand on top of the mount, with the screw lined up with the hole in the mount, then screw it in clockwise

NOTE: Before tightening it fully and firmly, make sure that the angle of the stand is correct and check that the kickstand does not stick out so it blocks the pedals from turning.